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In November 2013 we launched PS4 'THIS IS FOR THE PLAYERS' in 30 countries around the world.
The film was packed with references to well known games and PlayStation's iconography. It was directed by Scott Lyon through Outsider.



We kicked off the campaign with two fun online films to tease viewers ahead of the launch. They were inspired by two famous gaming sagas. The first one to hit the Internet was Hadouken Cabs. An ad for a fictional kick ass minicab service inspired by Street Fighter.



Viewers with an eye for detail would spot the web address hidden within the film. We created the fictional site where people could talk to an operator. Good luck with that!



Next came a film for a fictional bespoke tailor for sartorially inclined pirates, inspired by gaming saga Assasin's Creed.



Online we created the PLAYERS' MONUMENT with the help of Media Monks. It gave everybody the opportunity to officially declare themselves as Players to the world via a personalised tweet. The monument could be filtered by type of player, trending hashtag, and country. It could be explored in detail to find friends, discover other Players, or simply read other PlayStation fans pledges. 



Outdoor played a big part in this campaign.



We created a fun making-of film.



And here's the case study film that sums up the campaign.



Agency 180Amsterdam
Creative Directors Graeme Hall, Martin Terhart
Creatives Ed Ryder + Enrique Reija